My rendition of the accident that happened right in front of me whilst driving on Route 25A by South Oyster Bay!!
Click on the pics to see them full size, but be warned, they are very big.
Click on the pics to see them full size, but be warned, they are very big.
Click on the pics to see them full size, but be warned, they are very big.
...There I was, driving along Route
25A around midnite on Saturday night
and as I was watching the Passport in
front of me I noticed he started
driving towards the middle of the
...Then I noticed a car
coming towards us on the
opposite side of the road. The
Passport was still driving
towards that side of the road.
I was confused because I
thought there was a turn up
ahead that I was not aware of
because I didn't want to think
they were going to crash. I
kept thinking was that he was
getting awfully close to that
car and no one is honking or
flashing so maybe they wont
...WRONG! The Passport crashed into
that oncoming car and before you knew
it dust debris and the SUV he hit was
literally FLYING in the air! The huge
SUV (yes it was a Durango size) jumped
on its front and flipped in the air and
landed on its passenger side and kept on
sliding right towards my car. Guess what
I was saying the whole time. You
guessed it: "Oh my god! Oh my God!"...
...So while I was in awe at the huge machine flying
towards me, I had to come to my
senses and move
out of the way. I was a good 200
feet behind the
Passport in the first place and perh
aps if i was
closer, the Durango size car would
have flipped on
top of me! Or, perhaps it would ha
ve flew over me
completely? In any case, I was abl
e to get out of
the way, the big SUV landed about
three feet from
my car. Yeah I had a good view...
By the way, the Pac-Man
ghost with the exclamation
points on top of it is me...
but I was in a car of course.
...Finally, I get out of my car and take a look. Flipped SUV to my left, half gone
SUV to my right. The guy who drove the Passport was stuck and had a bloody
face. The passengers of the big SUV were okay and started climbing out the
window saying "we were hit!" Indeed. In any case, A few people, including

myself, called 911 and all the EMS people came withing 3 minutes. All I can say
was "Whew!!" and had to have a drink (my passemger drove me home) to keep
my eyes from bugging out the rest of the way home....

Just so you know, I am still awed by the fact that a two-ton plus machine was
flying in the air... that was not meant to be an airplane. Just think of the physics
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