Robot Comic
I dug up this old comic and pictures of junk I found on the ground. Apparently, they are two types of
connectors for flourescent lights. Did I get lucky or what? Anyway, I couldn't find the original descriptions
of the junk so bear with me.
This is EvilEye. He controls some galaxy and is a real mean ruler. He has
control over his dominion by mind control. To do this, he utilizes his
powerful antennae and x-ray eye to hypnotize his subjects. He is not well
liked by some underground "anarchists" and repeatedly attempts to destroy
This is RotoChrome. He is leading an underground revolution against EvilEye. He is one of three subspecies of
titanium-quartz robots that block EvilEye's controlling frequencies. Some members of his species TiQz 1-1
(pronounced  "ticks one one") are being born with shortwave oscillators (like himself), making antennae
obsolete. This is useful in fighting back EvilEye's army of CLoPs, who are trying to destroy his species, by
interfering with their frequencies and causing them to malfunction. RotoChrome is currently working on a
device that will restore order when EvilEye is finally destroyed.
Read the comic!
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