Video Galaxy
Here you will find a collection of videos I created of various themes. Some are short, some are long, some are
set to music, but all are fun to watch! Just roll over the stars for a picture or description of that video.
Happy viewing!
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Come visit the depths of love in my tribute movie to Esmeralda the dog!
See the conclusion of a tumultuous era captured in still images. It has a lot of me in it, so if you don't like me, don't click.
Disappointment awaits as I travel to Yale to check out the school of management. I was not taken by the city but at least I will save $200 in application fees.
Fantastico! Take a look at my latest masterpiece where I am both actress and puppeteer-extaordinaire. I think this one deserves an oscar, but will probably be used to show how electronic gadgets can affect behavior in the most peculiar ways. (and NO this is NOT a favorite song of mine. I'm trying to capture sarcasm.)
Watch how the creator of this universe page and her friend graduate from their respective UNIVERSities. Safe to say we are glad it's over!!!
Short clip about marshmallow toasting innovations.
Kitty celebrates the new year!
Check out the slammin' USS Intrepid Dance Party 2005!
REEOOOWWW!! Poor kitty needs a bath!
See how the cats love the camera! (or did they want food?)
Where will the candies take you?
A mini-movie to rival any National Geographic film,
It's my turn to break 100,000 miles! Watch the video as I drive down Jayne Blvd. and make the big 100k!
Medical careers are taken to a new extreme in my X-TREEM medical commercial. I think the nursing program at my old community college should use this in their ad campaign.
Is it a UFO? Is it a deli? Or is it UFO-DELI?????
The long awaited moving away film is just a click away! See the sights and some old friends as I ride the road to Arizona.
Meux Meux is a very thirsty kitty! And she likes bathroom faucets.
Meux Meux likes bathroom sinks!