All Year Christmas List  
The Yes List
The Why List
Updated for Christmas 2011!

At Fabric or Craft Store
-Beads of any sort except pony beads
-Sterling silver wire or findings
-Beading or jewelry design books
-Jewelry pliars or other tools

At Drugstore
-Hershey's Pot of Gold (nut assortment)
-Bauch and Lomb ReNu MultiPlus Solution
-St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter bodywash
-Any kind of L'Oreal makeup

At a Department Store
-Deep fryer with removable oil compartment
-4pc dish set, preferrably white with platinum edge
-Crumpet rings
-Heated eyelash curler
-Steam hair straightener

Old Favorites
-Very Irresistible by Givenchy
-Century 21 Gift Card
-Anything tasty and edible
-Almost any Non-Fiction book
-Any MST3K movies on DVD
-Yves Rocher Gift Cheque
-Sally Beauty Supply Gift Cheque
-Study Books (ask which)
-Alpha camera by Sony

When in doubt, just get me an American Express gift card.
-Candles, incense, or any burning thing
-Scotch tape, glue, or peanut butter
-Anything used unless it is precious gems or cool
-Cheap candy, especially cheap chocolate
-Thongs (sandals or the underwear)
-A "Birthday/Christmas" gift
-CDs I didnt ask for
-Suggestions on how to live my life
-Potato chips and assorted soda
-Fondue kits
-Marriage proposals
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Here it is folks, my list of good and bad gifts. I'm sure everyone will find it useful since everyone likes to get me
presents... right?