Elements is where I keep my short and silly and long and detailed pages. Each page has a description to help
you decide which page you want to see. Some pages have video links, so make sure you check them out!
The newly installed NYC crosswalk
lights have taken a turn for the worst!
Shame on you DOT!

!Warning! This page contains adult material!
Robots are everywhere, even in the
garbage! See the feature page with a
comic too! Fluorescent lights will never
be the same...

Don't miss the
link for a way cool page
on the slide rule!
HO! HO! HO! My Christmas list has become
my All year Christmas list featuring an updated
list of things I want as well as things I can
definitely live without!
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The proof moves again! Now the official
permanent home of the optimism proof.
After all this time, I am not sure if it is
even correct. If you are a budding
mathematician, let me know if I made a
boo boo.
HOLY MACARONI! Check out the
awesome world of snails on my Snail
Cam Page! See my fishies and froggie
get acquainted with the newest addition
to the tank!
Where will the diamond take you?
Newest Additions:
WEPA! Come visit the Mexican Graffito
Page, filled with examples of the finest (?)
Mexican wall art!
"London Bridge is falling down/ 'Cuz I stepped
on it." Does anyone know where that line is
from? Come visit my Favorite Bridges page,
brimming with shots of bridges all around
Brooklyn (Guess which bridge that is in the
picture... damn straight NYC has a cable car!)
Relive the magic of autumn over and over
again with my Autumn page. Carefully
selected shots of changing trees are
displayed for your enjoyment.
From the top of the Empire State Building... Me!

Come see the results of a really cold and windy
day at the Empire State Building (by the way, that
is a picture of the Chrysler Building).
De plane! De plane! Come for a ride with me in the little Cessna that could... go, go, go!

This fun-filled afternoon actually counts on the log for flying time. I even have some cool footage of a landing. Over!
черт побери, что?
What the hell was that? It's
my famous Russian invasion
page filled with all the best
things Russia has to offer!

Что, черт возьми, что? Это моя известного русского вторжения страницы заполнены все лучшие вещи Россия может предложить!
It was a dark and non-dreary night...
until cars went flying in the air! Check
out my sketches of an amazing accident
that happened right in front of me!
Are you studying the brain or
heart or endocrine system?
Well, look no further for
some free charts to study
Check out the Darwin exhibit
at the Museum of Natural
History in NYC. I've got live
tortoise footage!