Plane Ride!
Hey hey! Are you
ready to take a ride
over Long Island? I
am! Check out my
fashionable flight coat.
Faux fur trim is the
idea fabric for flying!
I helped the
instructor untie the
plane and hopped in
with my way cool
headgear (see below).
I didn't fly first, but I took the
pictures first! This was when
we coming in for our first
landing. Click the picture for the
landing video!
See my headgear? We used
these headphones to talk to the
other passengers and the tower.
There was a plug in the back of
the plane for my headset and
plugs in the front for the pilot
and front passenger/navigator.
Do you like my aviatrix Gucci
This was when I was flying. Long Island
looks just like the map! Ha ha!
After being blinded by the sun (even with the
shades on), I managed to keep the plane level
and straight at 24W or so. See, I
told you LI
looks like the map!
Well, I wasn't allowed to land it all by myself, but I was able to push it back into its parking spot and tie it up when I was done! No there is no reverse, at least on this one.
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Would it interest anyone that this was my first time flying an airplane? Would it also interest anyone that this
was one of the first times utilizing the new Sony-camera-slash-video-recorder-slash-cool-device?