Name: Jane Dee
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Student
Qualifications: A.S. Mathematics; B.S. Psychology: Magna Cum Laude, Psi Chi, Golden Key.
              CDL-A with hazmat, tanker, doubles and triples, and passenger endorsements.
Goal: Become a physician or director of physician services at the VA.

I moved from Brooklyn, NY where I was born and raised to Phoenix, AZ for a job as a truck
driver. I received a four-year safe driver award (almost my whole driving career) and participated
in the Arizona State Truck Driving Championships in 2008 and placed seventh in the straight
truck division. I quit my job at Fedex in January 2010 to devote all my time to my new action
plan as described below.

Action Plan: I plan to obtain an MD and an MBA. I had applied to American schools, but was not accepted. I had also attended AUC on St. Maarten for a month and found out the hard way that it was not a good fit. I am now looking at other schools in the Caribbean, mainly Trinity School of Medicine. I have also completed my GMAT exam and plan to get an MBA. If the international medical schools do not work out, I will go for the MBA in supply chain management. If things work out for me in the Caribbean, I will obtain the MD and then the MBA in entrepreneurship, health management, or general management. I plan to use the MBA to help me run a private practice or to gain management positions at the VA. My goal is to be a family doctor, but I am considering a combined residency of family medicine and psychiatry. I guess I will consider that only if I do very well on the board exams. Right now, I am focusing on applying to international medical schools.


Favorite Color: I do not have a favorite color because I like too many of them. However grey seems to make me most happy. Then
there is neon orange.
Sleep Rate: I think I've caught up on my sleep. Seems I need at least 6 hours.
Love Affairs: My husband! Oh and some subjects like math and logic, logistics, business, and medical studies.
Possible Skill: Meticulous planning and implementation when time constraints make everything seem impossible.
Favorite Flower: Daisies. I like 'em plain or dyed some bright color.
Least Favorite Condiment: Ketchup.
Liters of Coffee Consumed a Day: 473ml... gets the job done!
Favorite Band: The Donnas.
Favorite Albums: Spend the Night (The Donnas), Bitchin' (The Donnas), Lonely Runs Both Ways (Allison Krauss and Union Station),
Legend (Bob Marley), The Planets (Holst), Sounds of Summer (The Beach Boys), Speak and Spell (Depeche Mode), 25 Baroque
Circumference of Head: 22 inches.
Circumference of Biceps: I have 12 inch pythons. Don't mess with me.
Favorite Mineral: Sodium Chloride.
Favorite Electronic Brand: Sony.
Favorite Transmission: Eaton-Fuller.
Favorite Tractor to Drive: Freightliner.
Favorite Tractor to Look At: Peterbuilt.
Favorite Straight Truck: International.
Kilograms of Books in My House: 117
Of Which are Fiction: 2.1
Work Needed to Get Into My Bed: 1.194KJ => 0.248Kcal => 0.062g glucose. (This  is 6.2% of ONE Jelly Belly.)
Work Needed to Get Out of Bed: Seems to use more energy than a speck of Jelly Belly.

School serves my purposes
Private school it may be
Close to where I live or
Closer to opportunity.

You can email me here:
You may view pictures of me here.
I accept all forms of flattery as well as money and precious metals and gems. I prefer American dollars, gold, platinum, and diamonds.
If you feel compelled to buy me a gift please see my
Christmas Gifts page.
All about me...
As if you really want to know.
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