Visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines to see Trinity School of Medicine

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Waiting to leave PHX Rug design at PHX Terminal at PHX Fires in the distance
What is this? The hole in the Earth Finally in MIA On the way to Barbados (BGI), don't know what island this is
A long night in BGI Flying fish decorations Doves asleep at BGI One woke up and was looking for food
Time to go to the Liat gate Floor decor at BGI Pretty big runways at BGI Finally boarding for St Vincent!
Boarding the Dash 8 The view of Grantley Adams Airport The Dash 8 Liat, THE Caribbean Airline
In my seat with a great view! Click to see the ride to St. Vincent (SVD) In the air Bye bye, Barbados!
Finally in my room! The bathroom My bedroom Sweet Bouquet No. 1.5?
One of the pots in my room I am ready to go to sleep! Creamer comes in semi-solid now? Creamer bouillon?

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